Stop Hiding Your Skin…

Stop Hiding Your Skin… 

By: Kim Schlais 

Are you struggling with uneven skin tone or sun damage? Wouldn't it be nice to have an even color to your skin? What if you could turn back time as if you wore sunscreen and a hat every day of your life?!  

❌Sun damage





….all of the above can make you feel self conscious and want to cover up and hide your skin. It can also be very difficult to cover. 

It can be on your face, beck, chest, hands, arms, legs…  just about anywhere on the body that is exposed to sun rays. Sun damage can make you look older than you really are AND sunspots can get larger and darker over time. 

Did you know if you're seeing brown spots, it's actually damage caused by photo aging of the skin?? Photo aging leads to early development of wrinkles, fine lines, and a decrease in collagen production. 

Many of us spent too much time in the sun or neglected sunscreen a time or two. We've ALL had our share of sunburns over the years, so if you’re struggling with sun damage, know you’re not alone. Now we're left with the battle of trying to cover our discoloration day in and day out. And no matter how much sunscreen we wear today, the damage has already been done. 

If I could go back and tell my 20-something self to wear a hat and reapply sunscreen every 80 minutes, I certainly would. 

The solution for even skin tone…. 

I’m sure you’ve tried the topical lightening or brightening creams but that alone may only slightly lighten the dark spots. 

The dyeVL laser is a combined form of IPL and Pulsed Dye Laser for targeted treatments, it’s my absolute favorite treatment to achieve even skin tone. It can be used for a variety of skin treatments, but works excellent on red and brown discolorations. 

How the dyeVL laser works: 

This laser uses uniform intense pulsed light to target chromophores (AKA: molecules of color) causing them to heat up and break down. 

Who would be a good candidate for this treatment? 

Anyone suffering from brown or red discoloration makes a great candidate for the dyeVL laser. 

Where can I get the dyeVL laser? 

This treatment can be done just about anywhere on the body that you want discoloration removed. So face, chest, hands, arms… really anywhere that has that sun damage! 

When will I see results? 

After three to six treatments, about three to six weeks apart, you’ll reveal that beautiful, even skin tone hiding behind sun damage. 

This treatment will not only diminish the discolorations, but it can also improve the overall skin condition.


Here are some common questions and answers we get about the DyeVL laser. 

  1. What can I expect of the treatment? And will I have any downtime? 

Within a few days after the treatment, the spots will turn darker and in a few weeks that darkness will fade and they'll become lighter than they were before your treatment. You really shouldn't have downtime after the treatment. 

  1. How many treatments will it take to get even skin tone? 

Some people see results after the first treatment but generally after three to four treatments, there will be significant improvement. You’ll see the best results after the course of four to six treatments about four weeks apart.

  1. How long is the appointment? 

The first appointment will be about an hour, as we like to gather as much information as possible. Then your consecutive visits will last about 30 minutes.

  1. What does it feel like? 

The anticipation is far worse than the actual treatment. It feels like heat on the skin, and it’s completely tolerable without any numbing cream, because we use a cool tip applicator. Most of our patients say ‘it wasn’t that bad’ after treatment. 

  1. How can I prevent discoloration from recurring? 

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. 

Cover the area as much as possible when being exposed to the sun: wear long sleeves, hats, etc. And make sure you wear your sunscreen in the house too! Did you know that blue blight from computers, televisions, and cell phones are responsible for some of our discoloration and skin damage?! 

  1. What does it cost? 

We have a wide range of payment options you can pay by treatment or we have packages and memberships that are discounted and help save you money. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation for more information about getting the beautiful, even skin tone you deserve!

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