Get Even Skin Tone with this Revolutionary Treatment!

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Anyone else struggling with uneven skin tone? 🙋‍♀️ Wouldn't it be great to have even beautiful skin? Wouldn't it even be nicer to not have to wear makeup, to cover uneven skin tone?! 

If you're suffering from uneven skin tone, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We see so many clients and their primary skin concern is discoloration, uneven tone or pigmentation. Most have tried a few products here and there, but end up just covering up with makeup. 

With just a few in-office treatments and good quality medical-grade skin care at home. You can have even skin tone again. The pigmentation or uneven skin tone service that we’re seeing AMAZING results with is the skin pen microneedling device, along with the ZO BrightAlive Serum. 

How it works: 

SkinPen microneedling, runs at 7,000 RPMs, sending tiny needles in and out of the skin creating microchannels (or micro-injuries) to the skin and that process induces collagen production, which signals the body’s wound healing response, to repair the injuries and send fresh new skin cells to the surface.

When we use the BrightAlive serum, along with that, it is able to penetrate the skin at a much deeper level. It targets the pigmented cells and has just the right size molecule to penetrate to the dermis and the pigmentation down. Another cool thing about BrightAlive Re-mastered is that it now has Tranexamic acid and that ingredient actually BLOCKS pigment formation from UV.

Who would be a great candidate for this service? 

Anyone struggling with uneven skin tone, texture issues, or sun damaged skin. Whoever receives the treatment will have a more even skin tone. Helping induce collagen, which reverses the signs of aging, also, smoothing out the texture of the skin. 

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About Kim: 

Kim Schlais is a master esthetician and owner of Estetica Spa. She’s been working in the skincare industry since 2007! She didn't get into the skincare industry because of her love of makeup or beauty. She’s passionate about giving people self-confidence. Her favorite part of her job is hearing from clients that they're seeing results from their treatments and home care regimen. That's her #1 goal. 

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