Get rid of cellulite & lose inches around your waist

Get rid of cellulite & lose inches around your waist 

Estetica Spa, Longview Washington 

We love Venus Bliss™️ Body Contouring!  💖

Our certified staff members are experts in providing this body contouring treatment and are SWOONING over the amazing results we’ve been achieving for our patients. “After 4 skin tightening and cellulite treatments, I’ve already seen toning and tightening in my abdomen” - Kim Schlais ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Our staff is also treating a variety of their own trouble areas and are in love with the results they’ve seen, too! Ask us about our Venus Bliss™️ experience next time you’re in the spa! 

The Estetica Spa Results GUARANTEE: 

We guarantee our patients: 

  • 20% Fat Reduction
  • 80% Improvement in Cellulite & Skin Tightening 

(some even see up to  30-40% fat reduction and 100% improvement in skin tightening and cellulite reduction) 


In order to take advantage of the guarantee, you must come into our spa every 1-2 weeks for treatment and it is a MUST that you eat healthy! 

About Venus Bliss: 

Did you know 86% of adults are bothered by stubborn fat, and 90% of WOMEN suffer from cellulite?! 

Case study:

One of my clients kept her body covered AT ALL TIMES (even in the summer!) Before Venus Bliss™️ it had been YEARS since she wore shorts and even canceled trips with her girlfriends to avoid getting into a swimsuit. I always thought she was adorable and even a little crazy for being so hard on herself, but either way, I wanted to help her overcome those feelings and love her body! WIth just a few treatments of Venus Bliss™️ ️ she is already feeling more confident and excited to take a girls trip (swimsuits and ALL) this upcoming spring! It even motivated her to spend extra time working out and make healthy food choices!  

How does Venus Bliss ™️ work?! 

The fat reduction portion of the treatment uses a laser to DESTROY fat cells (yes… I said DESTROY, not shrink!) Many fat reduction treatments today only shrink the cells which can reinflate if you gain weight in the future. The diode laser blasts them so they can never inflate later! 

What to expect at your consultation: 

During your consultation we will assess your problem areas, talk about how the device works, how it feels and show you some REAL examples of results that we’ve achieved with our clients. Then, we’ll talk about what YOU specifically can expect! We’ll create a specific treatment plan for you based on your goals and realistic expectations you want to achieve. 

Some factors that help us create this treatment plan are: 

  • What areas need to be treated 
  • How large the treatment areas are 
  • How much skin tightening for cellulite removal in the desired area is needed 

*pricing is based on a customized treatment plan! Until we see you, we are unable to tell you a price estimate on this treatment. We often hear: “Can I try just one treatment and see how it goes?” Typically, most patients will not see the desired results in just one treatment. 

Please ask ALL the questions during your consultation so you feel ready and confident to book your first treatment ✨ This consultation is designed to help you make an informed decision if you’d like to move forward with your treatment plan 

Case study:

We just finished treating one of our beautiful clients who is a 50+ mom who had a tiny tummy bulge and loose skin on the abdomen on her stomach from her pregnancies in her 20s. With just 6 quick 30-minute treatments, she was IN LOVE with the results she saw! 

Schedule your venus bliss consultation today! 

About Kim Schlais: 

Hi, I’m Kim! 👋 I’m a master esthetician and owner of Estetica Spa. My goal is to help my clients feel confident in their own skin. With over 15 years of experience, I’ve seen SO many advancements in this industry and share them on my YouTube Channel once a month! Hop over there and subscribe today: 

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