Kiss Your Acne Good-Bye Once + For All

Kiss Your Acne Good-Bye Once + For All 

With this Revolutionary Treatment, Brand New at Estetica Spa 


Do you feel like everyone sees your acne before they see you? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have clear, even skin? Do you struggle covering your acne with makeup? Have you tried all the products and nothing seems to work? Does it keep you from doing the things that you love? Believe it or not, you are NOT alone. 

Acne can be embarrassing, and can affect so much more than skin. Causing self-esteem problems and lack of self confidence. Read this blog post to learn more about why you need to know about the ClearSkin laser treatment.

We treat many patients who struggle with acne or recurring breakouts. No one deserves to struggle with their skin. We've heard time and time again ‘I've tried everything and nothing is working.’

We have the perfect solution for anyone struggling with mild to severe breakouts, with any skin type! Our new clear skin laser treatment has been clearing skin around the world for the last few years. We're excited to be able to bring that solution to Southwest Washington, for teen and adult acne. 

How it works 

The ClearSkin laser is an erbium fractional laser that's used to treat the common signs of acne. It treats: 

  • acne lesions
  • blackheads
  • open pores
  • oily skin

The laser causes thermal damage to the sebaceous gland, the site of origin for acne. The laser reduces the sebum production and destroys bacteria responsible for acne. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, has almost no side effects, and achieves a smoother complexion with lasting results. 

In as little as three short months you could be on your way to clearer skin, regain your confidence, and stop trying to find the right concealer to cover your skin. Finally…. You can stop throwing your hard earned money at different products that just are not working. 

Clear Skin Laser Frequently Asked Questions 

How does it work?

The laser works by combining multiple mechanisms: nonablative laser light vacuum and contact cooling. The vacuum suction gently lifts the skin bringing it closer to extract the sebaceous material from the pores. Then, the laser kills the bacteria causing the acne and also reduces sebum production. 

Is it painful? 

The treatment is not painful. You might feel some heat and suction, but it's ultimately pretty comfortable. 

How many treatments will it take?

Some people will see results after the first treatment. But generally, after about three to four treatments, there will be some significant improvement in the breakouts and acne. Patients see the best results after a course of four to six treatments about every two weeks, and then monthly maintenance until the desired results are achieved.

How long is the appointment? 

The first appointment we’ll spend about an hour and fifteen minutes with you, getting to know you, talking about what you've done with your skin in the past, a little health history, ensuring you're a good candidate and of course, doing the treatment after our initial intake has been completed. Consecutive treatments take about 30 minutes in total. 

Will I have downtime after my treatment? 

There's no downtime, but we will want you to be using an SPF after any laser treatment we provide here at Estetica Spa. 

What is the cost? 

We have a variety of payment options. You can purchase the treatment in packages or you can subscribe to a membership, all of which saves you money. 

Visit: to schedule your appointment today! 

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