TIXEL is HERE….  the hottest, newest FDA approved treatment that will give you amazing anti- aging, smoothing, skin tightening results without downtime!! 

The most common skin concern I hear from my clients is that they don't like the way their skin looks due to: 

  •  aging 
  • laxity
  • fine lines 
  • wrinkles

My client's primary concern seem to be around the mouth, eyes, & neck!  As consumers we have so many choices for treatments, lasers, treatments, and injectables. How would you even know what treatment to get with so many options? That’s why we do all the research for you! 

How Kim Vets the Treatment Menu at Estetica Spa: 

“I spend a lot of time researching equipment and services and working with a laser consultant before choosing any devices or treatments. Most med spas are easily swayed by their pharmaceutical rep to purchase from the pharmaceutical companies brand or what might be “common” within the West Coast spa industry. This often results in lack of research on the actual end result the treatment will give you. I tend to gather ALL the information, have the procedure myself, feel it for myself, and see the results for myself before ever bringing it into Estetica. I've gone as far as visiting a training institute in Scottsdale, Arizona where I was able to see and demo about 25 devices and ask questions about outcomes.”

 - Kim  

…Drum Roll Please…. 

INTRODUCING… TIXEL AT Estetica Spa! Tixel was FDA approved in the US in 2021 but has been available in the UK for a few years. It provides extraordinary results in treating a wide range of conditions. It uses thermo-mechanical ablation technology AKA: TMA, to provide anti aging improvements to the skin tone and texture. Giving it a radiant and youthful appearance. It delivers results that are comparable to a deep skin peel and intensive laser treatments with: 

  •  much less downtime
  •  less pain
  • faster recovery. 

Tixel treatment is ideal for those seeking smoother, more radiant, revitalized looking skin but are worried about downtime from other procedures. This treatment will continue to deliver results that improve over time and can last for several years, as it's YOUR own collagen and that's producing the effects! Tixel’s great for diminishing those fine lines and wrinkles but also lifts, firms, and tightens the skin as the TMA technology creates micro-injuries to the outermost and mid layers of the skin. These micro injuries signal your bodies natural wound healing response, as you naturally begin building collagen and elastin to repair them! 

Who’s a Good Candidate for Tixel? 

Anyone who's looking for skin tightening to improve skin tone and texture and rejuvenation! It can help with: 

  • Acne scarring
  • Lines & wrinkles 
  • Eye lift (for hooded eyelids and under-eye bags) 
  • Stretchmarks 

Add on growth factors to ANY Tixel treatment for even BETTER results. 

What to expect? 

We recommend topical numbing cream for this treatment, although some find that it’s totally tolerable without it! This treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete a full face. You'll be a little red the day of and your skin will feel tight, similar to a sunburn. You can resume foundation or concealer the day after your treatment if needed. And of course SPF, it's always the most important post-care step.

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