Wake Up Bright-Eyed

Kiss Under-Eye Bags Good-bye for Good!

By Kim Schlais 

'How do I get rid of my dark puffy under eyes?'....I get asked this question all the time.  Do you have dark circles under your eyes that no makeup or concealer can even come close to covering? What about bags that just don't go away, no matter how much sleep you get? Or, crepey skin that just screams 'I look old and tired!!!!' Well I'm giving you ALL the tips and tricks we have up our sleeves for permanently removing under-eye bags, including at home products and in-spa treatments to get you bright, awake eyes. If you have dark circles and puffy bags, you're not alone. 

One of my clients has tried EVERYTHING under the sun to minimize her dark eye circles and eye bags without success. She's tried eye cream, serums, vitamins, and she STILL has puffy dark circles under her eyes. I set her up with a few office treatments, at-home product regimen and a morning and nightly ritual.... She's been amazed that in four short weeks, her dark circles have lightened and the bags are almost gone, for the first time in 40 years. She finally felt comfortable leaving home without layers of concealer. And her eight year old daughter made the comment,

"Mommy, you look happy." Now when I see someone for a consult who expresses undereye bags and dark circles is a beauty concern, we talk about a multidimensional approach. This condition is a little bit tougher to treat, so you need to be willing to make the commitment to the following: first, get your sleep and make it good sleep. Second, using the color science three in one eye treatment morning (My FAVORITE). This is a topical three in one treatment that doubles as a concealer and SPF. Third, you must use Jan Marini, illuminating eye gel every night, and apply it with lymphatic drainage, massage techniques. Last, regular HydraFacial perk-eye treatments and ClearLift laser eye treatment. This will help turn over the skin cells with a little exfoliation and help you build a little bit thicker skin in that area.

The under eye area tends to be pretty thin and that's part of the reason why you're seeing that dark shadow under the eyes. So if we can thicken that layer of skin up, that will certainly help as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is ClearLift Eye? 

ClearLift eye is a laser treatment, that's a great non-surgical alternative eye treatment. It improves the look of:

  • Crepey skin around the eyes.

  • Can help tighten the skin.

  • Reduces dark circles.

  • Softens under eye bags and wrinkles around the eye.

How long does the treatment take? 

About 15 minutes. And in this package, I'm recommending that you do a series of four of these laser treatments. So in the off-weeks from HydraFacial perk-eye, you would do a clear lift eye treatment. So over eight weeks, week-one HydraFacial Perk-Eye, week-two ClearLift Eye treatment, then week-three HydraFacial. So just rotate between those over eight weeks.

And after completing that regimen of treatments, every four to six weeks is recommended for maintenance. 

What does it feel like? 

ClearLift eye is not painful. It's actually super relaxing and you can have ClearLift done on your:

  • entire face.

  • neck.

  • decollete.

  • hands.

It's a great lifting & tightening laser treatment. 

When can you expect to see results? 

Like any treatment, results vary for everyone, but generally within that first week, you should start to see some improvement in your eye area.

Who's a good candidate? 

Of course, anyone who suffers from under eye bags or dark circles, but everyone can benefit from a good eye treatment with the bright eyes package. Your eyes will be brighter and appear more rusted. You'll spend less time trying to conceal your under eye bags and circles and will help reduce the signs of aging. If you're ready for brighter eyes, schedule your consultation and get details on package pricing.


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