It's Like a Shop Vac for the Skin!

aging skin fine lines hydrafacial hydrafacial before and after treating wrinkles

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive treatment proven to help improve:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Dark Spots (pigmentation)
Clogged or Enlarged Pores
Uneven Skin Tone

Have any of that?

Hydrafacial is a machine with a hand piece and 3 patented tips, each of which do something different.  The first step cleans and exfoliate your skin with lactic acid, suction and an exfoliating tip.  The second step applies glycolic acid to break up the dead skin cells with a second, smaller exfoliating tip. (both of these steps prep your skin for the next (my favorite) step.  The third step applies salicylic acid (then acid that can penetrate the pore)  and pulls all the “guck” out of your pores – seriously. You’ll see all the stuff come out (ask to see your canister at the end of your facial). It’s incredible. Finally, the same wand with a 3rd tip plumps your skin up with antioxidant-rich serums.  And, all of this in 20 to 30 minutes. 

There are additional treatment specific  serums that can be  added to your facial.  Or, try the mother of all facials, the Jan Marini Hydrafacial.  It's delightful and effective, all in one. 

This facial is recommended monthly for normal skin maintenance.  If you are trying to treat something specific, we will usually start with 4 weekly hydra facials and move to monthly once the desired outcome has been reached.

Incredible Before and After on one of our clients:

Coupon valid on any hydrafacial (excluding perk treatment). Expires 3/20/20. Not to be combined with any other offer.  Use code HFSPRING at check out or add to your appointment note when booking online.



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