What do you need to know about Glycolic Peels?

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First, I will try to keep this quick and simple!

Glycolic Acid is an AHA derived from sugar cane.  AHA's are great for breaking down the bonds between skin cells so they can easily slough off, revealing fresh new younger skin cells. 

The glycolic peel we generally use is a 30% glycolic.  (we do have higher percentages, but only use when it is appropriate for the patients desired outcome) This is not something you can get for home use.  

They are not painful.  There may be a little stingle (sting with tingle).

They work great to treat hyperpigmentation (dark spots), aging (fine lines and wrinkles), texture (acne scarring or general texture issues), active acne (research shows that glycolic acid has antibacterial effects on P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne). 

We don't generally recommend this peel for sensitive skin or someone with rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema (on the face). 

We recommend you are using a professional skin care regimen at home prior to getting a glycolic peel as well as during and after.  This will help prep the skin to be ready as well as increase the efficacy of the treatment.

Best if done in a series of 6 weekly and then continued monthly. 

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