We’re super excited to announce and show you our latest body contouring treatment….. Drum roll please….

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We’re super excited to announce and show you our latest body contouring treatment….. Drum roll please…. 

The Venus Bliss.

Are you bothered by stubborn little fat pockets? 

A pooch, loose skin, or cellulite?? 

Even though you eat well and work out, do you struggle to get rid of those last 10 or 15 pounds? 

Do you have to shop for just the right clothing to cover your problem areas? 

Venus bliss is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that's a quick effective treatment that provides permanent fat reduction with no pain, no downtime, just results. And it’s not just body slimming, this amazing treatment also smooths out loose skin and cellulite.

Hallelujah!!!  FINALLY, a cellulite treatment that ACTUALLY works! And I’m answering all your FAQ’s about Venus Bliss! 

Who's a good candidate? 

This is for someone who is healthy and in decent shape, but has some stubborn areas that just aren't changed with diet exercise. 

How many Venus Bliss treatment sessions will I need? 

Some clients see noticeable improvement in skin quality and reduction in the circumference of the waist or the area and just one treatment.

However, most people need treatment regimens that typically start at three sessions for fat reduction. And those are generally spaced about four to six weeks apart. And for the body contouring skin tightening, we generally recommend a series of eight of those  done about one to two weeks apart. 

What can you expect during your Venus bliss treatment? 

Your provider will clean your skin in the area of being treated and place the appropriate applicator. You'll initially feel a cooling sensation followed by a warmer feeling. The process will alternate between cooling and heating and continues throughout the treatment. The entire treatment for fat reduction and  cellulite skin tightening takes about 30 minutes per treatment area. 

Over 90% of patients report, the treatment is very comfortable! 

So what do you need to do to prepare for your treatment besides ensuring that you're a good BMI range? 

Make sure you have realistic expectations from the treatment and are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. There is no special preparation needed before your appointments. You should arrive with clean skin, free of any creams or lotions. It's a good idea to hydrate well in the days leading up to and after your treatment session. 

What are the benefits of Venus Bliss? Can it help with cellulite and fat reduction? 

Yes. As mentioned previously, the Venus bliss is a comprehensive body contouring treatment that destroys fat and also has skin tightening and cellulite reduction. When I decided I wanted to bring in this technology to Estetica Spa, I was pretty adamant about finding the right equipment that could do both fat destruction and cellulite skin tightening.

I feel like those go hand in hand and being 90% of women have cellulite. 

The Venus splits is also a dermal rejuvenation treatment. It makes the skin surface tighter and gives you smoother skin. 

Is there any downtime? 

There's no downtime after Venus bliss, you can return to normal activities on the day of your treatment without restrictions. Your provider will recommend that you massage the treated area for five to 10 minutes, a couple of times a day for one to two weeks after your session. Staying well hydrated after your treatment can help the body's lymphatic system remove the destroyed fat from the treatment areas. 

Well, are there any adverse side effects?

You may have some tenderness, swelling, bruising or firmness in the treated area after a treatment. But the side effects usually resolve on their own and do not interfere with normal activities. 

What areas can be treated?

We can do this treatment on the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and the bra fat area. If you're interested in the bat wing, or flabby, arms, watch the cellulite skin tightening video coming next month. 

What kind of results can I expect? 

The fatty tissue is permanently destroyed by Venus bliss and does not come back. As an example, you can expect to lose up to .5 to 2.5 inches from the midsection. However, we do this treatment other areas, as well as with all body contouring treatments, to maintain your results, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle that body does need time to purge the fat that was treated. 

Most medical grade body contour treatments state that you'll see about a 20% reduction in fat. Although the side-by-side studies with Venus Bliss compared to other treatments on the market, show the Bliss coming in closer to 40% fat reduction. 

How does the Venus Bliss work? 

Because this is technically two treatments, I am going to speak primarily to the fat reduction treatment in this blog post. Although these treatments work very well together, the fat reduction portion of the treatment utilizes a diode laser that works to destroy fat cells. Yes, I said, DESTROY, not shrink! So they're not able to reinflate later, the Venus Bliss is clinically validated to actually reduce fat. Believe it or not. 86% of adults are bothered by excess weight on some area of their body. And over 90% of women suffer from cellulite. 

And if you get started today, you'll be back in your swimsuit, feeling confident in a few short months! Schedule your fat reduction appointment today! 

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