Med Spa Tattoo Removal


Looking for expert tattoo removal?  Want to get rid of any evidence of that tattoo you thought was a great idea when you were young? Or maybe you’re just ready for a new look. Discover tattoo removal with the Alma 1064 laser system at Estetica.

Unlike many tattoo removal techniques, the Alma 1064 system works on most skin types and all ink colors. Additionally, there’s less risk than other removal methods. Estetica Medical Group performs Nd:YAG tattoo removal at our office. During your initial consultation, we can estimate the number of sessions that will be needed to fully remove your tattoo. 

If you’re looking for effective laser tattoo removal, schedule a consultation here: book online

Small Tattoo (size of a quarter) $150 each; $400 package of 3; $600 package of 6

Medium Tattoo $250 each; $600 package of 3; $900 package of 6

Large Tattoo $350 each; $900 package of 3; $1200 package of 6